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LED Lighting


Just by replacing your existing light globes in your home or business to LED you can save 80% or more off your electricity usage for lighting compared to standard light globes?

"But I don't use much electricity with lights"

You may think so, but when you get home from work in the afternoon, and start cooking dinner, don't you turn a light on so you can see what your doing? what about when you sit down to dinner, or to watch the evening news? Just by having your lights on during the evening can add up to anywhere between 2 and 5kw of power PER DAY. This can add up to serious $$$ being spent just to see what you are doing each day.

Not only that, you can reduce ongoing costs for replacement of globes by installing LED's that tend to last anywhere from 10,000 - 50,000 hours.

Below are some of the services we offer to help you reduce your running costs by the addition of LED Technology into your home or business.

LED Lighting for your home

LED installations

A customised LED lighting installation to your specifications or needs. adding something different to your home or business while saving on ever increasing energy costs. 

Or Go one better and go completely off grid with you lighting. We can supply and install a complete system with LED's, Batteries and a DC Distribution system complete with charging capabilities (Solar or wind) making your lighting needs completely self sufficient, saving you a fortune in electricity costs.

Retrofit 240V Lighting

Retrofit existing Lighting Installations

Looking to save on Electricity without spending a fortune on a whole new lighting system? Look to fitting it out with LED's giving you better light at much less power usage.

Camper Caravan and Motorhome Lighting

Retrofit of Caravans/campers/motorhomes

Looking to save on the limited battery supplies on your camper or motorhome? Look to fitting it out with LED's giving you better light at much less power usage.

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