Retrofit Electronics and LED's

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Antennas, Electronics, CCTV, LED lighting, Dash Cameras, GPS tracking and e-bikes.

Electronics Repairs

Electronics repairs

Electronics Repairs.

Have a piece of electronics that doesn't work the way it used to? We can look at it for you, and if possible, repair back to the condition you remember it working at.

Electronic Wiring repairs

Electronic Wiring repairs

Have some electronics wiring thats been damaged, or held together by tape? Why not get us to fix it for you so you don't have any more problems. 

CB and UHF  Radio install

UHF Radio and other Auto Electronic Installs

We can install, relocate and repair all your Automotive electronic equipment.

PA Speaker and AV Equipment Repairs

PA Speaker, and Audio Visual Equipment repairs.

Have a speaker not working anymore, or some AV equipment not working right? Let us have a look at it, we may be able to get it Back up and running again.

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