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Antennas, Electronics, CCTV, LED lighting, Dash Cameras, GPS tracking and e-bikes.

  • RE-LED Lighting Audit
  • RE-LED Kitchen Lighting
    LED Lighting, Retrofits of existing lighting or new Low Voltage Display lighting
  • RE-LED Offroad electric Bikes

What do we do?

RE-LED LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Replacement of LED Lighting or Custom LED feature lights

RE-LED Antenna repairs

TV Antenna/Satellite Repairs

Repairs to TV Antennas, and satellite TV systems.

New Outlets, AV Installations.

RE-LED Electric Bike

Smartmotion Electric Bikes

Sale and Service of Electric push bikes and Utility Bikes


CCTV Installs

Installation and maintenance on CCTV camera systems

RE-LED Electronics repairs

Electronics Repairs

Repairs on any Electronics equipment and appliances

RE-LED Dash Camera

Dash Cameras and GPS Tracking

Sales, service and Installation of front and rear facing dash cameras and GPS Tracking systems

Did you know?

Changing your Normal Bulbs with LED's will save you between 33% (compared to CFL Bulbs) and 85% (for Incandescent Bulbs). Factor into that your normal Tube lighting for your shop fronts and around your homes use 1kW of power for every 25 Tubes EVERY HOUR!!! 

Think about that for a second... The average shop front has 20 double fluro tube housings in its shop front, On for 9 hours per day, thats almost 14kW of power used every day, just to run your lights. 

What if I told you Changing your tube lights could save you and your Business Upwards of 7kW in electricity bills EVERY DAY!!! Just by changing you bulbs? This would be a saving (if your paying 25c per kW) $1.75 per day!!! thats $455 per year. 

Have more lights? thats a bigger saving.

Find out how much you can save by clicking 


  • RE-LED Satellite dish
    Automatic Satellite dishes
  • RE-LED Vintage LED Globe
  • RE-LED Stip Lighting
  • RE-LED E-Bikes sales
  • RE-LED Electric Push Bikes
RE-LED Satellite dish
Automatic Satellite dishes